Inspirational Mondays Pt.2 People That Inspire Me To Work Hard, Follow My Dreams And Be A Better Person.

Roscoe’s Cakes

Roscoe’s Cakes Logo / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes


Okay so I went to Catering College where I studied Catering & Hospitality and also completed a Leadership & Supervision course in said industry and those were seriously the best days of my life, but that’s for a different kind of post! I learned a lot in college about food, about life and about myself and I met a bunch of really cool people who taught me what true friends really are. Amongst that group was Ben Roscoe, at first a quite boy who rode his motorbike to college everyday and who by the age of 16 had never drank alcohol.  If you knew the town we live in and the schools we went to, you too would be surprised. Anyway so Ben ended up taking a night class in cake decoration, which at the time I must admit I kind of thought how could you possibly, on top of already being in full time education and also work, want to spend any more of your time in college decorating cakes? But if Ben has taught me anything is that hard work pays off, and my god is his paying off!

Little Ben / Credit: Ben Roscoe

I stole a snap of this picture hanging in Ben’s house at one of his birthday parties a few years ago, I just thought it adorable, sorry mate. As you can see Ben’s passion started at a very young age and he persevered through school and college which then landed him in full time employment  at a very well known international hotel chain, where he would later secure me a job at. The very first cake that I remember completely that Ben made was a surprise birthday cake he made for my 19th birthday, I wish I could find a picture of it but I seem to have misplaced it. It was a small round cake dressed in perfect white icing and on top sat a little chef’s hat and a chef’s knife made out of icing with the words “Happy Birthday Ramos” piped on, it was simple but it was still pretty good for a beginner! Ben never stopped working hard and improving his skills and trying to be better, always learning and trying new things, new ingredients and different techniques and surely enough his talents and hard work were recognised eventually gaining him a nice little piece in the local newspaper.


Credit: Bolton Evening News


Ben had a saying back then which I’m certain he will still use to this day which is “Go Hard or Go Home” and that has really stuck with me. It’s the way I do things, no matter what job I’m working if I enjoy it or not I always work to my fullest potential, there’s no other way, you either go hard or you go home! We used to say it to each other during 16 hour shifts in the kitchen and it got us through those tough times, we were a tight little team and we pulled each other through with a lot of banter and sometimes a little bit of  tough love. We were like a family, we spent more time with each other than we did our own siblings working 80 hour weeks sometimes and that is why it gives me so much pleasure to see Ben, now the CEO of his own business. I mean I know it is still early stages and he is still working very hard but essentially that is the reality, he has launched a business that is his own creation and the result of a lot of hard work and perseverance and I think that’s inspiring! Despite loosing his mum a couple of years ago at such a young age he never lost focus of following his dreams and reaching his goals, I think you’re a hero mate and you should be incredibly proud of yourself as I’m sure your mum is!



College Nights Out / Credit: Unknown


Okay so there you have it, this is my friend Ben and why he inspires me to keep working hard and keep following my dreams! Never give up and if you believe in something never quit! Below I’m gonna share some of Roscoe’s Cakes fabulous work, be sure to check them out on most social media platforms @roscoescakes and show support to a small local business that certainly deserves it!


Mum’s Wedding Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes


Semi Naked Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes


Travel Themed Wedding Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes
Popular Unicorn Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes


Stunning Chocolate Drip Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes
Half & Half Wedding Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes
Superhero Smash Cake / Credit: Roscoe’s Cakes

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